Where to Study Math in Abroad | Top 2 Countries

Keep it on a real level,  studying maths is hard but to study math abroad might be easier than what we have here.

The universal language. The queen of science. The core of businesses. With definitions like these, you’ve probably figured that math plays a vital role in just about everything! Historians have traced math usage as far back as 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Italians, and English making historical developments and enlightening discoveries.

As you can see, this calculated discipline knows no international bounds

With every corner of the world teaching this subject in one way or another, where are the best places to study abroad for math? While some countries score better at math instruction than others, the rankings vary based on criteria and change often.

This list of where to study abroad for math not only factors in reputable universities, but also considers additional qualities, such as class sizes, professor availability, former student reviews, and extracurricular opportunities. In other words, the sum is greater than its parts!

Why study math abroad?

In an ever-increasingly competitive world where STEM continues to thrive, taking advantage of a math study abroad program will equip you with adaptive abilities, intercultural awareness, and creative-thinking skills.

By gaining international perspectives in a diverse student environment, you’ll also learn how to collaboratively work with others to solve problems from different angles. You’ll find a broad range of math classes available to take abroad, from statistics to advanced analysis, with a plethora of hands-on learning opportunities.

And many study abroad mathematics classes are available in English! For those that aren’t, most programs offer language immersion classes beforehand. Ultimately, learning new ways to approach math + gaining international skills = expanding your career prospects!

1. France

Why? While food, art, and fashion may come to mind when you think of France, this romantic country is brimming with top-notch math and statistics programs. Many French programs offer opportunities to get involved in student clubs and organizations, so you can network even more and have an enriching, immersive experience. And no worries if French isn’t your forté—you’ll find universities that offer math classes in English.
Recommended program: SAI Study Abroad at Paris School of Business

2. Switzerland

Why? Switzerland goes above and beyond even the Alps, with its universities ranking highly in math classes. As one countries for banking, you’ll gain exceptional math skills that will prepare you for the world of international economics. Also, with four official languages and distinct cultures, you’ll be immersed in a multicultural environment where you can become a more globally-engaged citizen.
Recommended program: Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility

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