What to do with your Degree on Mechanical Engineering Abroad

A mechanical engineering degree provides an excellent grounding in engineering principles and problem-solving techniques.

These can be applied to a wide variety of exciting, challenging careers across a range of fields, such as energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, steel, automotive, robotics and information technology.

If a degree in mechanical engineer sounds interesting to you, the SRM Institute of Science and Technology in India offers a range of programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. SRM’s mechanical engineering graduates have gone on to work with globally recognised firms such as the Rexroth Bosch group, Saint-Gobain Corporation, Hyundai, Larsen and Toubro, and Mahindra.

Considering a degree in mechanical engineering? Read on to discover where it could take you.

What will you gain from studying a mechanical engineering degree?

A degree in  engineering can set you apart in the graduate job market, because of the many transferrable skills you will pick up.

At undergraduate level, the syllabus tends to be quite broad, giving students an overview of mechanical engineering. At postgraduate level, students will get to specialise in their area of interest. SRM offers one bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and four specialised master’s programmes in computer aided design (CAD), computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), robotics and solar energy.

Here’s what else you can gain from a degree:

Industry connections

While pursuing a mechanical engineering degree, students can take advantage of the career services offered by their university to build valuable industry connections.

SRM Institute of Science and Technology’s mechanical engineering department gives students the opportunity to network with industry professionals through corporate training programmes and frequent lectures held by visiting industry professionals. This industry exposure helps students to secure work placements.

Technical skills

By studying a mechanical engineering degree, students will pick up a wealth of up-to-date technical skills.

For example, at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, undergraduate mechanical engineering students will gain a solid understanding of fluid mechanics, materials engineering, CAD and energy systems.

SRM’s mechanical engineering students are taught by skilled academics who are experts in their field. Of the school’s 114 faculty members, 54 hold a PhD and more than 1000 research papers have been published in international journals.

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